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how to listen to serial

how to listen to serial. This fall s listening sensation Serial introduced a lot of people to podcasts, especially runners. It replaced music as earphone fodder while out  At the heart of “Serial,” and what has fans binge listening to catch up with the series, is the narrator herself, Ms. Koenig. A gifted storyteller, she  I d explain that these men are talking about the Serial podcast — not So when I heard these guys were listening, I asked to be part of their  Okay. I have to tell you something. I became full on 100 obsessed with the Serial podcast. I started listening to it right before my Alaskan  You ve got to listen to Serial On 24 Feb 2015. So, this is one of the best podcasts ever made. If that sounds like it must be an exaggeration, just go ahead and  If you re still missing Serial, LBC might have something for you to listen to. Thursday, May 07, 2015. Their new podcast investigates events surrounding the death  Serial Season 1 has come to an end but you can listen to the finale of the podcast here. You probably didn t see it coming. Maybe you weren t into podcasts before, or you d just dabbled in This American Life and Radiolab episodes. Click Listen Now to the left to hear this conversation. Serial , the true crime podcast from the producers of This American Life , has become  New survey conducted by ad agency McKinney shares how Serial newsletter subscribers listened to the world s most popular podcast. With Serial over, here s some podcasts I m currently loving on in 2015. Invisibilia · Invisibilia (Latin for “all the invisible things”), co-hosted by  Search. Listen. On Now The World Tonight. 06/08/2015. BBC Radio 4 · Classic Serial Add Classic Serial to Favourites Add Classic Serial to Favourites.